Reggie Barrett has been voulenteering for Swallow Hill for about six or seven years. She has even been hired for Voulenteer Quardanator. She currenty works as Swallow Hill's official photographer. Swallow Hill essentially started in 1962 when Harry Tuft established the Denver Folklore Center (DFC). Several folklore musicians stopped by the Folklore Center to pick up supplies, say hello to Harry, and occationally they preformed an in-formal show. Among these artists were Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Doc Watson and the Reverend Gary Davis.

In the september of 1971, the Denver Folklore Center Concert Hall was founded. Several folklore artists preformed there, among these were Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder, Elizabeth Cotton, Taj Mahal, Utah Phillips, Katy Moffatt and Bette White. According to the Rocky Mountain News Paper in 1976, "[Swallow Hill] is something with a personality, an identity, all its own ... a showcase for local talent which respected that talent ... a business ... operated on a personal, friendly basis ... a place of good reputation among artists in many other cities." But by the late 1970s, the Swallow Hill community fell into decline. Financial concert hall losses forced Harry Tuft to rethink the future of the Folklore Center. The year1979 saw the formation of the first board of directors. This board consisted of Geoff Withers, Roz Brown, Emmie Hewitt, Bill McCreary, Tom McMillan, Elissa Meyer and Larry Shirkey. March of that year, the newly formed Swallow Hill Music Association took over the concert hall. They hoasted a three day benefit concert on March 16-18, 1979 to celebrate Swallow Hill's opening.

The 1980s saw Swallow Hill through many beginnings. The Denver Folklore Center and Swallow Hill Concert Hall moved to 440 South Broadway in April 1980. The building was an old two-story house with a business storefront tacked on. The DFC's store and repair shop were on the first floor--three lesson rooms, an office and restrooms. Unable to find a suitable concert hall space at a reasonable price, Swallow Hill arranged concerts at various locations in the Denver area.


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