Reggie has a passion for life.  In her life she takes great pleasure in studies of art, music, and of history.  She loves people and she loves nature.  She learned at an early age.  Her Grandfather, Henry M. Mayer, was a naturalist and a well known nature photographer in the Cleveland, Ohio parks region.

Reggie had always had a passion for music.  But, she equally had a strong interest with the images her grandfather would bring up in his dark room.  Her grandfather would thank Our Good Lord for everything you could see in those photos.  Even when the two of them would hike the Ohio trails together, Grandpa Mayer would look up to the trees and raise his arms and  give God credit for the sky and for the woodlands, and all that was so beautifully perfect in nature.

Reggie now has a combination of her love for music and her admiration of recording images from event that take place weekly at her favorite music venue, Swallow HillSwallow Hill is the second largest Folk music school and performing arts center of its kind in the USA. The first is located in Chicago.
Check out for more information and details on classes and upcoming performances.

Reggie rarely takes photos with a flash. Performers use Reggie's photos on their websites.  To mention a few, The Mitguards, Jonathon Edwards, Gretchen Peters, Recording artist, Steve Forbert, Songwriter, Pierce Pettis, Bob Haworth (Kingston Trio), bluegrass, Mike Compton and more.  Reggie's photos have been published on the Friends of Red Rocks and Planet Bluegrass websites.  She has been published in Denver newspapers other book publications. 



Documentary images - by Reggie Barrett
"Let time go - but document its participants." Reggie Barrett

Sara Guthrie and Johnny
Theatrical images
Theatrical images
School Activities
Family portrait
Taj Mahal
Children with chick at Spanish Market
Ramblin' Jack Elliot (folk singer)
Ramblin' Jack Elliot (Swallow Hill)
John Prine and Mindy Smith - songwriters
The Mitguards at Grand Teton
19th century Native American doll
19th century Native American Bag
19th century Ornate Native American Moccasins
10 images taken at Yellowstone National Park
Lloyd Maines and Terry Hendrix
Sky Drama
Pet Cat
Pat Donahue and Tom Emanuel
Pet photo
Garden shot - lily
Singer Songwriter - John William Davis
Julie playing her violin
Sean and his base
2 photos of cloud turbulence in the sky
Austin Lounge Lizards (Swallow Hill)
Kids at Six Flags Amusement Park
Batman Drama - Theatrical
Batman Drama II
Fire in the Sky
Duckling Chick
Mike and percussion
Baby Photo
Planet Blue Grass Instructor, Mike Green
Danny - Songwriter and musician
3 photos of Sisters
Vance Gilbert - musician and singer
Lyons Colorado Song School student
Willie Porter - Guitar virtuoso
This is NOT Von Gogh!  
Dan Forde
Beth Nelson Chapman (author of song, sung by Faith Hill "This Kiss")
Steve Seskin and Beth Nelson Chapman
Annie Wolf
Pattie Griffin
Steve Earle

Terry Hendrix