Reggie's Grandmother, Pauline Kesser Mayer had a degree in music.  Pauline moved from Germany to the U.S.A. around the turn of the century.  She came to America on a boat, bringing her upright piano and her wooden travel chest that held all of she owned.

Maybe it was Reggie's Grandma Mayer who inspired an appreciation for music.  Reggie remembers asking for a piano for her fourth Christmas. She remembers how much that piano meant to her.  She immediately began to make up songs as she played one sour chord progression after another.  The bell like sounds that came from the toy piano were only sounds the angels could make!  Each note or chord sent Reggie up another height. It was beautiful!!

Reggie loved watching Roy Rogers, and Dale Evans, Perry Como and Kate Smith on the family's black and white TV.  Reggie remembers seeing Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong.  She remembers those two with the with great fondness and admiration.  What she remembers about them is how they would smile and smile through the songs. It was magic to witness such inner joy. To this day, Ella Fitzgerald is her favorite singer.

When Reggie was old enough, she was gifted her grandmother's upright piano.  She grew up in a world of 1930's 40's and 50's music.  She was also surrounded by the beauty that came from classical music.  She loved it all. The sounds were glorious!!

1964 brought the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and more.  All this new music blasted in a reality of the world around her country home.  She and her family had traveled around the US for years.  But, now, the reality of heart and soul of people who lived in these places began to translate into new importance.  Reggie loved people and their different walks of life.  Reggie's desire to learn more of what was coming from songwriter to radio listeners became more interesting than ever.  The whole community of communication, art, and expression had captured her devotion to learn more.

Now, through many years of witnessing, meeting, performing, and creating songs, Reggie has arrived to a turn in the road.  Reggie is almost done with her recordings.  After all these years, her first CD will enter the traffic of sound and stories in song.





Reggie is working on her first CD.  The CD is expected to be completed and released in the early part of 2008.  

All songs written by Reggie Barrett

1. Wishing
   -  This song was written from childhood memories Reggie recalls at her woodland home in Ohio.
2. Cabin in the Whistling Pines
   -  Written from a reflection of the warmth within the walls of a cabin home during a very cold Colorado winter.
3. Dear John
   -  Reggie was no different from anyone who mourned the murder of John Lennon.  One morning she woke up from a vivid dream which John Lennon and George Harrison had been in.  She immediately took her pencil and made notes about the dream.
4. Mary Jean
    - Inspired to sing about the departure of her Chicago friend.
5. Japanese
   - A True love story.
6. Caraphonic Sound
   -  A song about getting in the car and cursing the town.
7. Anything is Better than Nothing
  - A wise and inspirational song of hope.
8. Rain
   -  Subtle and soft recollections of a beautiful moment with nature.
9. Deep in the Sleep
   - An expressive approach to lack of words.
10. After the Rain
   - This song was a call out to catch someone from the fall of despair.  It was written shortly after Reggie had received news that her daughter's high school friend had attempted suicide. The young man recovered.
11. Lazy Day
   - Was written on a porch in an old house in Colorado Springs after a long though about radio songs that had given her restful feelings.  Reggie remembers lazy summer days from her childhood.

12. Morning Lullaby
     - Reggie's Colorado Springs song writer friend, Marianne Peiler, called her one Saturday morning.  She said, "You have to write a song today! Don't put it off any longer."  So, she did. Just that morning she had watched the sun creep up over the Eastern hill, from her *studio window.  The sight was so impressive and so beautiful; she felt it would feel good to sing about it. Reggie dedicates this song to her grandfather who would say, "Look at this.  Look at the beauty of the trees and the flowers.  If you had nothing else on this earth, you have all this.  And it's all free!" She wrote this song in three hours.
* Reggie also has a full view of the Western Rocky Mountain horizon.  She loves to watch the colors in the sky, as the sun goes down behind the mountains.

13. Hit the Road (co written with Sylvia Murray)
     - Reggie had written down some words of thought, just before retiring February evening.  Ironically, her "Twisted Sister, Sylvia Murray, had arrived early to Reg's house asking for help to complete a song she had started. The words Reg wrote down the night before fit in perfectly with Sylvia's notes.  Hence a song was completed and born.
14. Carolina Skies Disappear (co written with Sylvia Murray)
   -  A mysteriously haunting and beautiful love song.  A song of truth and fiction.

All lyrics to this CD will also be available near the date of CD let go.