Reggie's childhood was spent growing up right next to large Park Reserve, The Emerald Necklace, in Brecksville, Ohio. She had an active family with a wide range of interests from award winning artists, photographers, naturalists and musicians. She has adopted many interests from her family’s influence. Reggie has lived in Colorado for 30 years. She studied commercial art at Pikes Peak Community College. Reggie is now an artist, an art teacher, a photographer (her favorite subject is to photograph performing artists) and a song writer. She enjoys each form of expression with equal passion. Reggie has traveled to many American states, including Canada and South America. She lived in Puerto Rico for five years. She and her husband, Kevin once lived in Australia, for two years. Reggie is a proud mom of a daughter, a son, and a granddaughter. They now reside near Parker, in Elbert County. Reggie says her favorite addictions are good music and photography. She enjoys world, classical, and Americana music. For that reason, Reggie and her husband have been devoted volunteers at Swallow Hill, for a couple of years, now. Reggie said, “You couldn’t find a better group of people, than here at Swallow Hill! As well, I am honored to be a part of one of the most colorful and admirable venues in Denver.” A few more intresting facts about Reggie: Favorite Musicians – Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Smith, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Ethel Merman, Beatles, Leslie Gore, Marianne Faithful, Bob Dylan, Peter PAUL, AND Mary and sixties Friend whose dad exchanged the 45’s from the jute boxes around town. Listen to forty fives at her house. Then came the3 Beatles. Fantasy was just a breath away from the truth. First guitar bought from a neighbor’s brother. "The neck was warped, I couldn’t play it, but I kept it anyway." Met J. Hendricks, Dick Clark, Shanna, Poco, Richie Havens, and more. Music was always an addiction. Owned three sets of elbums. Finally, after leaving a marriage in Puerto Rico, Reggie returned to U.S.A. and moved to Colorado with her four year old daughter and a brand new guitar and $30.00 in her pocket. Slow climb up. Felt no one would want to have her sing in a band with them. So, she started to write her own songs. Self taught guitar. Lived 30 years in Colorado Springs, Where she sang in bars, art shows, and fairs. Moved to Australia. When returning settle in Elbert county. Now sings at Swallow Hill Folks center, from time to time. Attends Lyons annual song schools, and Durango song. Art teacher for Solid Rock – home schoolers. Member of Swallow Hill Member of Friends of Red Rocks Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver Art Museum Artist, likes collecting music, antique dolls, buttons, and old irons.